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Mitchell Shaw – Olive Branch Mississippi

It comes from custom knife collector Mitchell Shaw in Olive Branch Mississippi, USA, and was sent to Executive Producer Dave Ellis, Master Bladesmith.

Mitchell says:

“It was really nice to see how much [Bob Loveless] really affected the knifemaking world. I think the transitions from Loveless, to Merrit, to [Dave, Ed and Jack] sitting around talking were all tied together really well. It had a good high and low flow throughout the whole movie ending with his death. I think you did a great job capturing the life of the man in a dignified way.

Thanks Mitchell!

Welcome to the NEW Robert Loveless An American Legend website.

Hello, and welcome to the NEW Robert Loveless An American Legend website. This site just went online TODAY and is brand new, so check back periodically for updates and added features. We hope you enjoy yourself.

All the best,

Ed Wormser Executive Producer

Dave Ellis Executive Producer

Jack Lucarelli Producer, Director, Writer

David Bartlett Co-producer, Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor