Robert Loveless An American Legend

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Hello, and welcome to the website for the NEW film Robert Loveless An American Legend, A Documentary about the greatest custom knife maker who ever lived. We are building a virtual world here around the great Bob Loveless, master designer and creator of some of the most beautiful, amazing and innovative custom knives ever created. His designs are standards used today as a benchmark of the highest quality, craft and artistry of the incredible world.

We are very excited to announce the release of the award winning film Robert Loveless An American Legend. The film has been playing to applause and rave reviews around the world and has already built a strong following among knife makers and film goers alike. Check out the preview here on the site, and look for responses from audience and press alike.

We will be adding blogs, articles, reviews, photos, additional materials and announcements of upcoming screenings and other events as time goes on. For now, see the preview here and get your own copy of the new film Robert Loveless An American Legend to add to your collection.

The world of Robert Loveless has been a very enjoyable world for us for many years. We now want to pass some of that joy onto you.

Thank you, and check back with us for more additions to the site!


Ed Wormser, Executive Producer
Dave Ellis, Executive Producer
Jack Lucarelli Producer, Director, Writer
David Bartlett Co-producer, Director, Writer, Cinematographer and Editor