A new fan!

I received the DVD of Bob Loveless this past week, it arrived quicker than I had expected which as quite pleasing to me as I had figured on a weeks time delivery. Regarding the DVD content, it was fantastic! I loved seeing inside Bob’s world as a knife maker and to hear some about the man he was from those who knew him best. I started knife making 10 years ago and Bob Loveless was one of the first names I heard when I began my adventure into the craft. I looked up his knives and was amazed with how they looked and appeared as functionally durable and also stylish but not overly so. My first thought after watching the video was that of what was said, that a knife was meant to be used and provide the owner with 200 years of service if they knew how to maintain it. That basic tenement has always been at the forefront of his work and it definitely shows in the video by those discussing his knives as the best that can be made.
It was great to see and hear from those closest to Bob on his personality, philosophy and life style as a knife maker. His reputation in the knife making world takes care of its self but I greatly enjoyed seeing an account of his life and work from his friends and partners. It gave a great insight as to the level all knife makers hope to reach. As I listened to Bob speak about his knives I could hear a sense of pride and love in his work, the video provided me with inspiration in my own knife making practice to keep working towards making  the best knife I can and to not worry about what others say on them. I believe that this video shows insight into the knife makers / bladesmiths world. I have met many fine smiths, sadly never Bob, but it displays what I have only ever seen to be true for all those who choose their path in any regards, an undying passion and love for what they do and a striving to make the next one just a little bit better than the last.
Bob remains a inspiration to us all as knife makers and I am so very glad to see that part of his life has been documented and preserved for future generations to find and draw their own inspiration from. I plan to show this documentary to my High School Metalworking classes when I cover forging, heat treatment and steel composition. it is my sincerest hope that by doing so that the message will come across to the younger generation and they take away a lesson from Bob, that they should pursue their interests and desires regardless of worry for their reputations.
Thank you and the rest of the team for taking the time to create the video and have copies out for us all to enjoy.
Pat Biggin