David Ellis Knives

For more information on these and other knives go to: http://www.exquisiteknives.com

For more information including pricing please email Dave Ellis at: exquisiteknives@gmail.com

Loveless Stag Chute Knife.  Double Nude Logo

Loveless Amber Stag New York Special

Loveless Chute and Mini Wilderness Knives’. Inquire at exquisiteknives@gmail.com please

One thought on “David Ellis Knives

  1. David,

    I received the DVD today on Bob Loveless and watched it immediately. You guys did a superb job on making the DVD. I have always admired Loveless knives and after watching it I felt as if I had known Bob personally. Thank you for making a great documentary that is now in my collection of Bob Loveless items.


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