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Hello. Here is what people are saying about Robert Loveless An American Legend. See the film and tell us what you think of it. We are posting select reviews and comments, and we will read everything that is submitted.


I received the DVD of Bob Loveless this past week, it arrived quicker than I had expected which as quite pleasing to me as I had figured on a weeks time delivery. Regarding the DVD content, it was fantastic! I loved seeing inside Bob’s world as a knife maker and to hear some about the man he was from those who knew him best. I started knife making 10 years ago and Bob Loveless was one of the first names I heard when I began my adventure into the craft. I looked up his knives and was amazed with how they looked and appeared as functionally durable and also stylish but not overly so. My first thought after watching the video was that of what was said, that a knife was meant to be used and provide the owner with 200 years of service if they knew how to maintain it. That basic tenement has always been at the forefront of his work and it definitely shows in the video by those discussing his knives as the best that can be made.
It was great to see and hear from those closest to Bob on his personality, philosophy and life style as a knife maker. His reputation in the knife making world takes care of its self but I greatly enjoyed seeing an account of his life and work from his friends and partners. It gave a great insight as to the level all knife makers hope to reach. As I listened to Bob speak about his knives I could hear a sense of pride and love in his work, the video provided me with inspiration in my own knife making practice to keep working towards making  the best knife I can and to not worry about what others say on them. I believe that this video shows insight into the knife makers / bladesmiths world. I have met many fine smiths, sadly never Bob, but it displays what I have only ever seen to be true for all those who choose their path in any regards, an undying passion and love for what they do and a striving to make the next one just a little bit better than the last.
Bob remains a inspiration to us all as knife makers and I am so very glad to see that part of his life has been documented and preserved for future generations to find and draw their own inspiration from. I plan to show this documentary to my High School Metalworking classes when I cover forging, heat treatment and steel composition. it is my sincerest hope that by doing so that the message will come across to the younger generation and they take away a lesson from Bob, that they should pursue their interests and desires regardless of worry for their reputations.
Thank you and the rest of the team for taking the time to create the video and have copies out for us all to enjoy.
Pat Biggin


Loved the film! Bob’s name will go on as long as people are using knives, just like a great composer who wrote music many hundreds of years ago that people are still listening to today. WHAT A GREAT LEGACY! THANKS FOR MAKING THE FILM.


Rich Rotella


I really enjoyed the movie. Very professional. I was touched by Mr. Aida and his words about Bob. Frankly it brought a tear to my eyes…and I don’t cry much. As I mentioned I spent time with Bob in the 70’s, sitting at his kitchen table having coffee ,when I said: “Why have the 45 there, is it even loaded?” He took it and fired a round into the floor! I had to ask.

When he gave me a blade that I had waited many years for, he dropped it on the floor and the tip broke. That was a hide-out, double grind. Later he mentioned in the movie how the double grinds are not strong. Over the years I had in my possession some very collectable loveless knives. I knew right from 74′ that Bob was a genius and those knives would be valuable. I bought a Lawndale, a beauty, for $100.00 in 75′ at a gun show in Milwaukie. I bought a drop point blade which I knew was different for $75.00. That turned out to be the ivory 75 yr set that was in Blade magazine in ’01.

I have many memories of Bob and Jim, and your movie will allow me to keep them preserved. I was in the shop some time ago and had the chance to photo some great places around the shop. Again, thanks Dave. Great movie.



I received the DVD in the mail the other day and watched it as soon as I had a chance.  It’s an excellent, first class production that will serve as inspiration to my friend and I as we venture into the knife making business ourselves.


Peter Gorse


I work at Gerber in Portland, OR. I started my knife career here in 1993 as a manufacturing engineer.  I was very, very fortunate to meet Bob in the late 90’s when Gerber created a limited edition Dropped Hunter Fixed Blade.  He was also instrumental when I was with Jim Wehrs and Doug Hutchens when we started Lone Wolf Knives (LWK) in 2001. We were able to go to Riverside and have many hours visiting.  At LWK we created a Dropped Hunter Fixed Blade, Dropped Hunter Sheath Folder and a Folding City Knife. Bob taught me many things about knives and I was thankful that every time we met with him he was excited to see us and spend many hours discussing politics, watches, cars and airplanes – as well as knives. I went back to Gerber in 2008 and will never forget the time I spent with Bob.

On Friday, I showed the movie to about 50 colleagues, 99% of whom had never met Bob even though he used to help Pete Gerber back in the day. More people appreciated that movie more than other movies we’ve watched and I was able to share a few personal moments which, truth be told, choked me up.

Much Appreciated,

Bill Raczkowski


Just had a chance to sit and watch the DVD!!! It is very well done!! I really enjoyed how it touched on everything from Loveless’ life, character, and personality to the knives, and making them……and everything between!!! I am actually not a knife maker, but rather a maker of bamboo fly rods, but it is so enjoyable to see people so talented in a trade, and to get a glimpse at their finished products. I got up from the movie feeling good about Bob and who he was, and woefully sorry I never had the chance to meet him!!!! Again, very well done!!!

Thanks so much,

Paul McRoberts


Here is a review from William Fordes, Supervising Producer of Law and Order:

“A moving memorial to a genius craftsman by filmmakers as gifted as their subject.”

Thanks very much William! We’re glad you enjoyed it.


This was our first review! It comes from custom knife collector Mitchell Shaw in Olive Branch Mississippi, USA, and was sent to Executive Producer Dave Ellis, Master Bladesmith.

Mitchell says:

“It was really nice to see how much [Bob Loveless] really affected the knifemaking world. I think the transitions from Loveless, to Merrit, to [Dave, Ed and Jack] sitting around talking were all tied together really well. It had a good high and low flow throughout the whole movie ending with his death. I think you did a great job capturing the life of the man in a dignified way.

Thanks Mitchell!


 This is from Del Weston, the Director of the Action on Film International Festival in Monrovia. He saw the film at the Beverly Hills Film Festival and invited us to screen at AOF in August. Here is what he had to say:

Dear Jack Lucarelli,

CONGRATULATIONS! Your film, Robert Loveless: An American Legend has been accepted as an Official Selection of the 2012 AOF International Film Festival.  We are delighted to partner with you to showcase your project and to acknowledge your hard work and dedication. We have organized an incredible event featuring films and videos from around the world including Canada, Australia, England, Africa, Thailand, Germany, Sweden, Japan, China, Russia, Italy, Spain, and of course, the U.S.

And he followed it with this:
What’s Happening At The AOF? Glad You Asked…..

In this edition of the AOF News:

Jack Lucarelli scores big with his new film: Robert Loveless: An American Legend.

AOF Filmmaker Review: LOVELESS Filmmaker, actor, teacher, director, and AOF Award Winner and Alum, Jack Lucarelli, hits it big with his new documentary:

ROBERT LOVELESS: An American Legend. Lucarelli has so seamlessly blurred the line between documentary and biography that he has created a new type of film with his new project on the life and times of the greatest knifemaker in the history of the world.

Many of you will recognize the Lucarelli name from his multi award winning action film, Cartel War (Formerly Disrupt/Dismantle), but this incredible filmmaker along with the help of editor David Bartlett has recreated himself as a force in the world of documentary filmmaking.

The film chronicles the life and times of the most celebrated knife maker in the world, Robert Loveless. With camera work and editing as sharp as any of the masters’ knives, Lucarelli and Bartlett slice through the decades of material about the man and his work like fine chefs.

Never dull, always intriguing and powerful in its message and statements, the film is not only for knife enthusiasts but for anyone who just wants to see a damn good film.

The film will make its AOF Debut this August in a Special Premiere: Presented by Velo Bikes Pasadena.

And here is an article on inktip he had published:


Robert Loveless: An American Legend


One of the best documentary films we’ve seen in a long time.  Come check out the Jack Lucarelli, David Bartlett Masterpiece that has heads turning all over the country.  The story of Robert Loveless isn’t just the story of the greatest knife maker in the world, but a story of a couple of great filmmakers, doing what they do best.


AOF Festival VIII happens between August 17-25, 2012 in Monrovia CA. Robert Loveless An American Legend is scheduled to screen August 18. Join us there!

And check in with us for more notices and reviews.

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